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The announcement has come this week that Tao Hospitality has acquired Hakkasan Group. Two of the biggest names in Las Vegas nightlife, Tao Hospitality and Hakkasan Group have just merged which means the club scene will become quite the experience.  As stated in a press release, the acquisition is aimed to "create a premium hospitality powerhouse that includes a global portfolio of

TAI and Son Of 8 combine forces on what looks like Armada Deep's newest summer hit, "In & Out". Already endorsed by EDM powerhouses Don Diablo and Danny Howard, this track does a serious job showcasing individual production strengths as well as united. Destined to circulate speakers across the globe, "In & Out's" deep-house feel and distinct beat progressions flawlessly

French producer Sonny Zamolo has truly established himself as one of the biggest powerhouses in the business. After being discovered by Pete Tong in 2007, his career has continued to rise as proven by his collection of successful releases. With tracks like “Arsonic” and “Rise” under his belt, Zamolo has constantly showcased his musical prowess to numerous listeners from across