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Legendary Dutch-Filipino record producer and DJ Laidback Luke has just arrived at the NFT-fueled record label Purple Fly to be a part of its illustrious roster that includes top-notch artists like Fatman Scoop, Shaquille O'Neal, and Sevenn. For his first release on the platform called "Cielo", the artist has teamed up with the highly talented Miami-based producer BLVD, who also happens

UFO in sight, Kill the Void has released their highly anticipated first EP, “Cult of Tau”, revealing a revolutionary mixture of genres to the world. The hybrid techno artists have teased the upcoming project on July 2nd, releasing a cinematic track reminiscent of horrific cinema titled “Chariot of Love” via British label Dance Trax. On this occasion, the French producers take you on a journey, sneaking through dazzling psychotic

A team formed by two Italian brothers who both share the same strong passion for music, D'Amato2 are aiming to break into the electronic scene with unique genre fusions, and their track 'Incognite', an interesting fusion of techno and progressive sounds, proves this. Focusing on the dark and relentlessly energetic techno genre, D'Amato2 take the foundation of a techno track and mix it up,

If you are a real techno fan, then you know that it’s always challenging to choose a good club. However, just like I’m always confident in people I ask to do my paper while planning a cool party, I can say there are places with a rock-solid reputation for occasional or regular night club visitors. There, you always know that the

Donning his moniker HI-LO once again, Oliver Heldens is here to bring one of the most interesting collaborations to the dance music scene this year. Teaming up with techno legend Reinier Zonneveld, the pair are here to join the mainstream and underground worlds together in an incredible fashion. So how did the two artists end up crossing paths? The story goes that Heldens reached out

Calling all producers! Charlotte De Witte's record label 'KNTXT' is now accepting demo submission until March 21st, 2021. The influx of new submissions will be a first for KNTXT, which will allow for all music producers to submit their music throughout a week span. Don't have a finished product yet? No worries! It is anticipated that this will be a new