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Elon Musk seems to continuously find new ways to keep his name in the headlines.  Today it is for a music video he created which incorporates the track, Don't Doubt Your Vibe, which he produced back in 2020. The Elon Musk produced track, comes attached to an Instagram post with only the word "vibes" attached to it.  In the video, several

Throwing the most impressive of company parties that we have seen, Elon Musk ensured that the grand opening of Tesla's new Texas-based Gigafactory would be one for the history books. Demonstrating his love towards electronic dance music, the Cyber Rodeo event offered the most electrifying of atmospheres, as the rave-like opening of the ceremony, was then followed by a live

Guaranteed to make a spectacle everywhere he goes, Elon Musk's latest stunt happened just last Thursday at Tesla's brand new Gigafactory in Texas.  The event was donned "Cyber Rodeo" and marked the grand opening of the Austin-based space.  The new colossal factory is expected to employ around 10,000 people and will play a vital role in the future for Tesla. 

Tesla and Space X CEO billionaire Elon Musk is one of the most influential individuals on the planet. Recently taking a visit to Germany's capital of Berlin over the weekend to open a brand new Tesla gigafactory, the billionaire decided on a bar crawl to some of the city's best and biggest clubs to celebrate, which reportedly ended in Elon

When you're Elon Musk and you run a successful electric vehicle and clean energy company, are the founder and Chief Technology Officer of an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services, and you're officially the richest person in the world, the next best thing you can do is give yourself the title of 'Technoking of Tesla'. Well, that's exactly what the Tesla, Inc. boss

Multi-instrumentalist and music producer Zedd has taken to his social media to show the other side of the story about Tesla's autopilot feature. In some concerning events that have unfolded in recent times, Tesla, the multinational corporation that specialises in electric cars, has been under fire with some bad press about its autopilot feature crashing in the cars which have the

Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion will be launching his debut artist album "Testa" shortly before entering the autumn period. If this is not exciting enough, The British maestro plans to tour throughout the United States immediately on the occasion of the album release. The upcoming debut album follows on huge collaborations with Huston's RiFF RAFF, electro-funk/hiphop renowned