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Dutch EDM superstar Martin Garrix is back with yet another episode of The Martin Garrix Show. Over the past two weeks the young artist shared with his fans a flashback to 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. In the first episode Martin explains that it took them around two years to get the clearances for all the licenses that were

Just after the holiday break everyone, including DJs are, is slowly getting back into their busy daily lives and accomplishing their New Year's resolution like moving into a different city, painting the living room, hitting the gym or starting a new job. Martin Garrix just released the latest episode of his ongoing documentary 'The Martin Garrix Show' where he goes into detail when he

One of the world's most-viewed vlogging series, 'The Martin Garrix Show' showcases Martin Garrix's life throughout the year. The YouTube-based show is currently on its third series and the ninth episode has now landed. This episode gives viewers an insight into Martin Garrix's ADE preparations this year. This year Garrix once again performed two sold-out shows at the Amsterdam RAI, one

On the last episode of The Martin Garrix Show, viewers took a stroll through Miami Music Week 2018 with Martin. During one of the craziest weeks of the year Martin surprisingly had one of the most laid-back Miami Music Weeks of his career so far. From the Armani fittings and events to the screening of What We Started, viewers didn't see Martin