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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for many industries around the world including that of the nightlife industry. The industry in the Netherlands has particularly been affected, which unlike its neighbouring counterparts in Europe has seen its nightclubs closed since way back in December. However, in a protest against the countries Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are taking it upon themselves

popular Dutch festival promoter ID&T has decided to file a lawsuit against the Dutch government in order to bar the recent measures adopted by the administration restricting live events. In fact, the organisation believes these measures are not lawful. The restrictions announced by the Dutch government state that due to the recent rise on COVID-19 cases, only small one-day events can

The latest news reports that the Dutch government will reimpose restrictions on clubs, music festivals and restaurants again. The new measures will take effect as of this Friday and will last until August 13. The reality in entertainment and catering in the Netherlands is having more ups and downs than a roller coaster. A few weeks after the lifting of most lockdown

In order to achieve results that can contribute to the reawakening of festivals in the Netherlands, Fieldlab in collaboration with ID&T and MOJO is organizing two trial festivals on the Lowlands. In 2020, the Dutch government had already revealed its intention to hold several coronavirus-proof trial events of various natures across the Netherlands. The first two trial music festivals are

In recent weeks, some European countries have started to allow the comeback of activities post-quarantine interruption caused by COVID-19. This is no different in the Netherlands. From June 1st restaurants, movie theaters and other types of establishments will be open to the public again. However, as announced a few weeks ago, events such as festivals and clubs can only work

The 7th edition of Kingsland Festival took place last Saturday in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Den Bosch and Twente, when The Netherlands celebrated the birthday of their king. The Festival attracts people from more than 75 different countries with their amazing A-list lineup and many different stages that serve all the genres the visitors could wish for, from hardstyle, house, techno,

As the adventure carries on for RecPlay Records and their fair crop of artists which make up the bunch of their debut releases, things couldn't get better for the Mannheim based producer and DJ Hikari and his fellow countrywoman Kaii who have landed a second collaboration on the label's charts. Hot on the heels of their last production titled 'Memories,' the