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Simon Cowell has teamed up with TikTok, Universal Music Group, and Samsung for a brand new TikTok feature- StemDrop.  Officially launching on October 26th, the new platform will provide users with stems from some of the top songwriters and producers in the industry and give artists everywhere a chance to create a new song from the provided content. While Simon Cowell

TikTok could be the host of the next massive new streaming platform after a trademark application for 'TikTok Music' was filed on May 9th. TikTok's parent company, ByteDance officially filed the application and states that the streaming platform will be more "social-driven" and will enable live streamed audio - much like Apple Music, or Spotify.  As anyone who has social media

Like it or not, the somewhat addictive social media platform TikTok is fast taking over the music industry, becoming a hot hub for music discovery and even making stars from the app itself. From turning their TikTok success into major record label deals to making globally renowned stars out of previously unheard of artists, it is doing a lot for

Megan Thee Stallion's 'Savage' went viral on TikTok earlier this year. With an easily recognisable and replicable dance, the track blew up and even received a remix from Beyoncé. Stallion now boasts over 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify, no doubt helped in part to 'Savage'. With popularity of this magnitude, it caught the attention of Jamaican-American dance music trio Major

Remember those days when CD-ROM's and even .mp3s were the source to listeners favorite music. Well those days have rapidly changed as streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify are unsurprisingly dominating the U.S market. With the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) being fully transparent to their audience as they release statistics to end off 2019. They have

HEADBANGERS, REJOICE!  Subtronics has finally unveiled his fifth edition of ‘Now That's What I Call Riddim’ and it's loaded with wonky debauchery. It's been an explosive year for the American, first with his collaborative hit with GRiZ, "Griztronics" which has made its way from viral TikToks to insane edits from Joyryde to Bassnectar. Between the numerous singles and features, he also released two EPs,