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With emotions running high in recent weeks, the official cancellation of Tomorrowland caused major distress and disappointment to both festival-goers and the organisation itself. The anticipation for the 16th edition of Tomorrowland provided fans alike with the idea that we will be slowly rerunning to our ‘normal’ routines, however government officials in Belgium ended up revoking the green light they had

With less than three weeks to go until the digital edition of music lovers' favourite festival, Tomorrowland releases the full timetable. After all the distress, sadness and disappointment that has plagued People of Tomorrow in recent weeks following the official confirmation of the festival's cancellation, Tomorrowland rekindles the magic by unveiling the final details of Around the World two-day digital

A short while ago, Tomorrowland filled People of Tomorrow with ecstasy when they announced the return of their virtual summer edition Around the World. The magical Island Pāpiliōnem is gearing up to once again spread its wings for today's finest electronic dance music and bring together the huge community of festival-goers on its sacred digital grounds before, hopefully, we can all

An Instagram post by NERVO has eyebrows raised thanks to one detail that was shared about the state of this year's festival. The post detailed how tour life in 2020 was with toddlers, and included excerpts of a recent interview that they had done with UK news site The Telegraph. Liv, one half of the sister duo, talks a lot about what it feels

After Tomorrowland Around The World united fans all over the world back in July 2020, expectations were incredibly high ahead of Tomorrowland's 2021 New Year's Eve extravaganza. The world-renowned event brand assembled some of the finest artists around to perform across four digital stages, Melodia, Atmosphere, Planaxis and Pulse. One of the most anticipated performances on the night was that