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TomorrowWorld's recent bereavement with fans has been well documented. And with DJ's and fans all voicing their disappointment and frustration at the unfortunate sequence of events for tends of thousands of festival-goers it seems there is finally some good news for the team behind it. With shares for parent company SFX plummeting and a lot of unease among attendee's still

While the pandemonium of  TomorrowWorld's 3rd day has unraveled all over social media sites covering the fans perspective of the event, it seem's the artists opinion on the matter isn't that far off either. While not all of the headliners have commented on the matter, Kaskade is certainly the one publicly condemning the festival the most bluntly. And it's sort of

Despite continuous rainfall keeping numerous festival goers from accessing the Tomorrowworld festival grounds on Sunday September 27th, the festivities kept going on. Luckily for us, because we wouldn’t have been able to witness Armin van Buuren’s latest musical unveiling otherwise. After turning to Facebook to express his sympathies to anyone who purchased a ticket and couldn’t attend the event, Armin played the title

The Day After Tomorrow(World). That might of well been the title of this year's 3rd day of the American Tomorrowland. Chaos almost seems an understatement based on the scale of people affected by the disastrous final day and the horror stories that are staring to emerge. With consistent heavy rain, the ground was far from suitable for tens of thousands of feet

Showtek have already got the TomorrowWorld Party started. Dropping an exclusive mix for the festivals official Soundcloud channel, we get a pretty good taste as what's to come at the Chattahoochee Hills from the 25th to the 27th September later this month. Featuring a tonne of their own material, the mix brings with it a pulsating energy with big drop after big

As TomorrowWorld enters its 3rd edition, it appears the organisers simply aren't happy with having one of the most popular themes, set-ups and concepts in the festival industry. Striving for excellence and perfection, they've recently announced the presence of the TomorrowWorld Restaurant and Totem contest. Partnering with Top Chef finalist, Kevin Gillespie, it appears the organizers couldn’t wait until September to