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Subreddit, r/EDM conducted their annual DJ Top 100 competition and the results are out. We see a pool of artists from different genres and subgenres in the list and it's quite refreshing. The moderators also conducted a brief analysis of the votes and found some surprises; dying out artists, rising talents and growing genres. One of the notable difference lies in

Did this years DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll make you sick to your stomach? Are you tired of undeserving, ghost produced sell outs topping the charts? If so, Reddit has the answer. Recently, Reddit launched their own Top 100 DJ poll. No iPads, no silly gimmicks, just raw voting by the community. While the list most certainly boasts a more

Flux Pavilion is renowned for his understated successes and genuine perspective on the music industry. Putting music before himself. With DJ Mags Top 100 DJ list currently having its voting in full swing, Flux has taken to social media to share his point of view on how fans should be voting. At no point does Flux Pavilion plug himself, or a

Love it or hate it, the most well known DJ poll is once again open for voting. While some people view this as just another popularity contest, it's still the most voted for DJ poll out there.  Needless to say, sometimes the results are questionable to say the least. Back to back reigning champion, Hardwell, is still expected to rank top 3,