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To many, Avicii will always be considered as the greatest producer of all time. Spawning an iconic back-catalogue of hits from the comfort of his Stockholm studio, the DJ (real name Tim Bergling) completely changed the dance music scene as we know it; becoming a global figurehead and icon for the rise of 'EDM' globally. Though Tim - who sadly

The news about Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, are recently increasing again, a tribute concert that sold out within minutes, a memorial incorporated into the mainstage at Tomorrowland and, not to forget, the posthumous album 'Tim'. His first studio album titled 'True', now turned 6 years old as, it was released on

When the tragic news broke on Friday 20th April 2018 that Swedish musician Tim Bergling (aka Avicii) had passed away whilst on holiday in Oman, for most fans - the shock of losing one of the world's most influential figure was also met with the dark realisation that music lovers would never again hear new music from the inspirational producer,

Many fans still haven't moved on from the sad passing of Avicii. Others however are hopeful for the future and are eagerly awaiting any new information that surfaces about the wealth of unreleased music that Avicii had left behind.  Nile Rogers revealed how there is at least 10 songs that they recorded together that have yet to be revealed. Ever

Undoubtedly one of Avicii's all-time greatest anthems, 'Hey Brother' is a timeless classic that greatly influenced the music industry. Since Avicii's tragic passing earlier this year hits like 'Hey Brother' resonate even further with an even deeper meaning. The 2013 hit that featured on Avicii's 'True' album has now turned 5 years old. As one of Avicii's more experimental hits, 'Hey

Having burst onto the scene around 2010 with his breakthrough hit ‘Seek Bromance’, few DJs enjoyed the meteoric rise propelled upon Swedish talent Avicii. Though the Stockholm-born producer tragically passed away in April this year, his music continues to resonate with fans all around the world, and today we celebrate the 3 year anniversary of his ‘Stories’ album, which dropped

When the news of Avicii's death hit the music world just two weeks ago it was quite clear that it would not be forgotten any time soon. The power of Tim Bergling's music was undeniable, and the legacy that has been left with his productions is admirable and unforgettable. Tributes flowed in, from DJ's playing his music in their sets,