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The emerging Turkish music producer Türküm has quickly established a noteworthy reputation in the industry, despite being relatively new to the dance music scene. Having previously released his productions on labels like Elysian Records and Lowly Palace, the artist has made the best use of the lockdown period by dropping his second album in a couple of years, titled “Heartbreak

Turkish up and coming artist Türküm has just released his studio album 'Anti Sober'. After a mysterious year of silence, we now know that he was working in a deeply personal and poignant exploration of his years-long struggle with both humanity and alcohol, trying hard to capture human emotions in music form, from angst, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness and finally even hope. "This will

Exploring new and fresh talent full of motivation is one of the most exciting things to do as a fan of electronic dance music. So, if you just happen to do so, then your search can come to an end right now because we have an exciting newcomer for you: Türküm. The young producer from Turkey has quickly established himself as one-to-watch