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If you like to appreciate nuance in music whilst enjoying the crackle of an old vinyl but don't have the budget to fork out for a top-of-the-line turntable, Technics now has the solution to your woes. Unveiling the Technics SL-100C not long ago, the pioneer company has taken some of their signature, high quality features and has brought them down

Seoul designers Jihyo Seo and Jimin Hwang have developed a new levitating turntable design, dubbed 'LEVI', where it appears to make your vinyl records float in mid-air. The conceptual design is inspired by Harman Kardon - an electronics company which manufactures home and car audio equipment - and is complex and visually appealing. Although it wears the branding of Harman Kardon, it is just a

For well over 40 years now, Numark have managed to find the perfect balance between the needs of DJ's and cutting-edge technology, which has helped them to create forward-thinking products. They've been the brain behind a handful of world first products - such as the world's first mixer with a built-in sampler and the world’s first dual-well CD player - and its their innovation