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As one of the most in-demand, fresh faces in dance music of the past few years, Lost Frequencies has become a name synonymous with not only the European scene that burns bright, but he’s also become a globally renowned producer with his sound treading everywhere from Tomorrowland to Coachella. With multi-platinum hits and chart #1’s that have dominated airwaves, Lost Frequencies encompasses

Calvin Harris's hit-single 'Slide' has been nothing short of incredible. Reaching Platinum certification in 8 different countries, the track was one of Harris' most successful songs of 2017, leaving producers and DJ's alike, wondering how Harris fabricated the summer feel-good anthem. After Harris posted a short video in late-March last year, showing the song's production process, London-based music college, Point Blank Music

In his fourth video for RAZER Music, deadmau5 opens up more about the creative process, workflow and mindset behind producing tracks as opposed to the more technical videos which were released a couple of months back. The mau5 talks with long-time friend and collaborator Steve Duda who's a technical wizard in his own right, responsible for a number of now industry standard VST production