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Night Time Industries Association released a new survey, highlighting how the COVID-19 "has left the industry in an untenable position" in the UK night-life scene. Moreover, it will be "financially unviable" to implement social distancing in clubs, bars, and music venues. 130 different businesses were surveyed and believe that there is not enough guidance, or that without government assistance they will be

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, many countries are going into government-forced lockdowns and the residents are being made to practise social distancing and self-isolation as much as possible. To also enforce this further, all public places in countries like Italy have been closed such as pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Following suit, the UK has just implemented

Lo'did began his career like most producers do, working his way up the ranks in the club circuit at night and producing music by day. Rising up the ranks following support from BBC Radio 1 on a bootleg of the iconic 'Be' by Steve Angello and Laidback Luke, Lo'did began to hit the labels with his high energy releases, with Luke's Mixmash

A newcomer amidst Dance music's ever growing community of artists and producers, UK based German artist Alban Widow looks the part when it comes to showcasing talent. The record producer, who released his first single titled 'Our Love' in July , has shown a keen penchant for crafting melodies more than anything in his production. The track received its very own music

Iconic animated UK based group Gorillaz are back in album swing. The fictitious group spearheaded by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett just released their two groove heavy tracks accompanied with music videos for 'Humility' and 'Lake Zurich' both off their forthcoming album 'The Now Now' just a few weeks ago. Now, that the album who's release date is penned in for

Parklife Festival in Manchester, England, is just around the corner with the event kicking off next Saturday and a mouth-watering lineup of performances on offer in the North of the city. Over the years, Parklife Festival has gained momentum turning it into a contender among the UK's major festivals during the summer season. 2018 is no different as state of the art