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Not much is known about up-and-coming American producer Gommi - who got the name from a nickname he called his grandmother - but one thing is clear: he didn't come to mess around. Gommi made his debut in 2018 on Carnage owned Heavyweight Records with his original track "Psychosis"  - with an appropriately disturbing music video to accompany the powerful track. After releasing remixes for other

Pennsylvania duo No Joke - consisting of Daniel Cronen and William Gingerich - are artists that are not to be missed. Meeting in high school back in 2011, the pair decided to pursue music in 2015 mostly for fun targeted for their friends and still do that, this time with quite a few more followers. Gaining over 200,000 streams so far - and still

Just like connoisseurs, DJs have their own market. The single biggest place where DJs and artists head to check out new music, buy records to add their collections and support their colleagues is none other then the mammoth marketplace known as Beatport. It's been the largest market source for new music for the past several years, hosting several exclusive releases and extended