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If you ask any expert or fanatic of trap music to name its best and most legendary representatives, this alias would probably be on every list. UZ is a project by a French musician who is also behind house/garage alias Plezier and DJ Troubl - World Champion Turntablist. As UZ, he made himself known to the world mainly thanks to

Trap legend ƱZ recently held a Reddit AMA to answer a plethora of fan's questions, and to help promote his massive Bittorrent Bundle release. The bundle is an absolute treasure chest of 45 originals, collaborations, remix's, and even a "Trapslator" (ШῌỊϾῌ ⱢЄ₮Ϩ ΫØṲ ШЯỊ₮Є ⱢỊКЄ ₮ῌỊϨ), for the Trap Lords in all of us. Also included is his latest EP "Frontier", which is a