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Sadly, 2020 has been a disastrous year for the festival industry. With cancellations and postponements beginning as early as February, the events industry has struggled as a result of the pandemic, with many festivals being forced to make last minute decisions based on ever-changing reports. Back in April, one of the industry's most iconic festivals, EDC Las Vegas, was postponed

Insomniac has just announced the dates of EDC Las Vegas 2020: May 15th to 17th.  Electric Daisy Carnival remains a flagship EDM festival for many reasons, a stellar lineup, fairy tale setting with a carnival theme, and a special neon electric vibe that lit up the hearts of the 465,000 attendees during the 2019 edition. For this reason, the festival

Dutch superstar DJ Hardwell has consistently cemented his place as one of the most prolific pioneers of the dance music industry over the years. As his career evolves, he continues to prove his worth selling out venues, drawing in huge crowds, due to his prowess as both a producer and DJ. This year, Hardwell is set to perform at some of

For electronic music, 2016's visionary ideas have laminated the scene as a staple in today's commercial music spectrum. Introducing fans to DJ aliases, intricate stage designs, and endless support for genre-freeform, the sky's been the limit for those who dare a career in this inflating environment. Among those umbrella'd in the revolution, are Belgium's own JETFIRE who've manufactured a live performance experience unlike anything we've seen so

Remaining at the top of Spinnin' Records most sought after releases this summer, trio Alvaro, Lil Jon, and JETFIRE have accumulated over 240K plays in a matter of two weeks with their colossal big room single, "Vegas". The 3 minute track highlights each artist's unique skill set and production expertise, not to mention Lil Jon's iconic sound, all which undoubtably give the song enough

Las Vegas Metro Police have released their statistics for the Electric Daisy Festival's second day, confirming the death of a 24-year-old man. The 135,000 festival-goers on Day 2 battling temperatures over 100 degrees and the toxicology report expected to take 4 to 8 weeks, the cause of death remains unknown. Police have informed the man's family. Also according to the release, there