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For whatever reason, electronic dance music and video games go together like wine and cheese—if you like one, chances are you like the other, but it stands to reason that if you’re playing a first-person shooter, you want it to include music to get you hyped. electronic music artists are getting more and more involved in the video game community, including

Are you the kind of person that has favorite films purely because of their soundtrack, or goes to one shop over another because you prefer the playlist? If you are then you've got to sort out your video game collection because there are some games with soundtracks that will blow your mind. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 became the playlist

You’ll have noticed that with video games, not only is the actual gaming experience important but just as much work goes into carefully curating and selecting the soundtrack. Whether it is adding to the immersive experience or just providing fun background tracks to listen to whilst you game, music is an extremely prevalent aspect. We aren’t just talking about any

Games wouldn’t quite be the same without music! Well, it takes a lot of combined effort from arrangers, producers, musicians, composers and engineers to create some of the top video games around. No wonder, video game soundtracks are one of the most exciting areas of contemporary music.  That said, which video game soundtracks stand a cut above those ever made? Below,