Upcoming electronic music producer Two4One, based in Munich, Germany, is definitely one of the hidden gems that should be added to your summer playlist this year. His first original single 'Talk To Me', which features the amazing vocals of German singer Lea K., was released last October accompanied by an official video published on YouTube, which already has more than

Well, friends, it would appear that the EDM scene is going through a bit of a rough patch. Hit after hit, this past year has been full of upsets, and the bad news just keeps rolling in. From Deadmau5 deleting all his tweets, and the recent news of Avicii retiring from touring, it's safe to say more and more DJ's are

Under normal circumstances, we would begin a song review by creating an air of acceptance around an artist, highlighting his previous achievements and summarising his accolades over the years. However, when it comes to Vinai, that isn't quite possible since they don't have much to show for themselves besides an image of being modern day Andrew Webbers. In what seems to be

In todays generation, EDM blogs and news sites flood the masses highlighting everything negative about the dance music community. If an artist were to commit questionable actions, our EDM family is sure to swallow and spit them out whole. Reigning supreme as the mother of all brazen acts, is, and rightly so, blatant plagiarism. Granted, some may argue that with the increasing

Emerging as two of the biggest name in Melbourne Bounce, VINAI and SCNDL have earned themselves this reputation through a flurry of  individually heart winning releases. However, when you join these two forces, the product is something quite exceptional. VINAI has been discredited with the reputation of 'lack of creativity' and 'flagrant recycling' of tracks, even though the current production doesn't