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San Marino-based label Virus T Studio has delivered their first compilation album, presented by the talented Maurizio Gubellini and Asterjacks. In just a few years, the label has recorded extravagant sales results and international rankings through the publication of artists such as VINAI, Lush & Simon, Delayers, Gregori Klosman and Maison & Dragen. The album is a compilation of the label's back catalogue and unreleased

Serving as one of electronic music's biggest global operations, the self-started label Virus T Studio by Riccardo Tesini has been home to some of the industry's biggest talents since its debut back in 2011. Continuing its legacy as the first official dance label from the Republic of San Marino, Tesini's ability to incorporate artists both old and new is a

In 2011, Riccardo Tesini launched the record label Virus T Studio that was geared to spotlight some of the industry’s brightest upcoming talents. Recently, the imprint has successfully displayed the prowess of the likes of Asterjackers, TAVA, Chicco Giuliani, and more. Showcasing one of Italy’s finest exports, Virus T Studio has just unveiled an incredible release from JURO titled “Into

Chicco Giuliani and Alex Deb may not sound familiar to you just yet, but these upcoming Italian producers are no strangers to providing quality deep and funky house music, as they demonstrate once again with this latest track. Their previous collaborations including 'Space' and 'Around' received some great recognition on Soundcloud, with the latter being released on King Street New York's

Italian producers Ilias Brodolini and Matteo Mascioli, or better known as Asterjackers, have continuously grown as a duo within the industry. After their establishment in 2013, Asterjackers have been in a constant rise pleasing nightclub crowds and producing high-quality content. The two up-and-comers have had several releases on the label Virus T Studio Records including their first track “Extreme Rush”