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Having burst onto the scene around 2010 with his breakthrough hit ‘Seek Bromance’, few DJs enjoyed the meteoric rise propelled upon Swedish talent Avicii. Though the Stockholm-born producer tragically passed away in April this year, his music continues to resonate with fans all around the world, and today we celebrate the 3 year anniversary of his ‘Stories’ album, which dropped

With the devastating news of Avicii's passing this spring and the spiraling turn of events surrounding his tragic death, the Swedish icon impacted hundreds of thousands around the world with his incredibly rich melodies, soaring harmonies and ultimately positive and uplifting messages within his tunes. Tim filled a void plenty of artists have only dreamed of touching, with tunes like

Months ago, Hello There Games teased their new game 'Invector' featuring music from Swedish superstar Avicii. The rhythm-based video game released exclusively for PlayStation 4, saw its release on December 6 and features a 22-song tracklist, including songs such as 'The Nights', 'Waiting For Love' and 'Gonna Love Ya'. Each hit song has its own unique level design and includes three difficulties to

Avicii enlists the help of some big names to bring us the remix package for his latest hit – "Waiting For Love". The remarkable single from the ever-talented Swede featuring vocals by Simon Aldred and co-produced by Martin Garrix has already been a commercial success all over the world, with the single so far achieving 78 million plays on Spotify. However, this