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Warner Music Group has become the first major label to adopt SoundCloud's "fan-powered" royalties system.  The model allows artists to get paid their proper royalties based on how many times a user streams their music. The model was introduced in 2021 by SoundCloud as "a more equitable and transparent way for independent artists who monetize directly with SoundCloud to get paid". 

Warner Music Group, one of the 4 biggest record labels is entering the metaverse in a special way. WMG has bought a big land on The Sandbox where digital concerts and festivals will be held, enabling the record label to become a leader that will set the path for others to follow. This partnership with The Sandbox will entitle the powerhouse

The musical catalog of David Bowie, which spans across 60 years, has recently been acquired by Warner Chappell Music, now giving them the global music publishing rights; it is believed that WCM purchased the catalog for upwards of $250 million.  The collection features over 400 tracks across 26 studio albums, including his posthumous release ‘Toy’, as well as singles from various one-off

Warner Music Group (WMG) and streaming giant Twitch have recently announced a new partnership, flagging Twitch’s first partnership with a major record label. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ partnership will see the companies launch various offerings, including artist channels and a standalone music space which features premier music-centric programming. The Chief Digital Officer of WMG, Oana Ruxandra, said in a media statement: “It’s clear

The mysterious Frenchman Zach, aka Sound of Legend, has returned with yet another slick house tune entitled, 'Hold That Sucker Down'. Coming off the back of his previous release, 'Bella Ciao' the French persona has received support from some of dance music's biggest names. Of course, accompanied by major support comes radio play and once again, amongst the unwavering support, Sound of Legend