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Today, mau5trap, the label fronted by deadmau5, is treating us to another anticipated volume of the 'We Are Friends' series, which rounds up some new and exciting music coming out from the staple artists of the well-loved imprint. 'We Are Friends, Vol.10'  encourages fans to enter the city of WAFX, where they will be greeted with artists that have been imperative to the label's history

Famed for his incredible live sets and anthemic productions, Canadian superstar deadmau5 is a true dance music icon. The Mau5trap owner, real name Joel Zimmerman, is responsible for a wealth of the biggest tracks ever made, including 'Strobe' and 'Ghosts N Stuff', but aside from his solo work, Joel is also a well-known curator. His 'We Are Friends' series celebrates the

Earlier this week, the legendary DJ and producer deadmau5 announced via Twitter that he will be releasing a new album in 2018. Fans of progressive and electro house superstar--and everyone's favorite DJ twitter troll--have reason to be excited as the Canadian will also be releasing a slate of other projects. Mau5trap Records on Twitter announced something of a sequel to the

Mau5trap has seen a steady and rightfully earned elevation in reputation over the past 12 months or so, and its recurring ‘We Are Friends’ series has evolved to become the staple foundation of new material. This week we are treated to the 5th edition of the compilation album, and its certainly worth the wait. Kicking things off is label frontman himself, Deadmau5,