Looking for some pumping tunes to get through the winter season? WE THE SAVAGES have you covered with their latest output, 'Mami'. Hailing from Switzerland, the DJ-Producer duo have earned prodigy status after successful releases in 'Indiass' and 'Roll'N'Rock'. The boys also took on Robin Schulz' recent hit, 'OK', and received DJ support from the likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Timmy

Swiss producers WE THE SAVAGES have just made another huge splash with the release of their latest track titled "Mami". Released on the independent Swiss label ETNA Recordings, this single presents some Latin-inspired sounds that are perfect for any club or festival environment. Known for their heart-pumping and electrifying records, WE THE SAVAGES delivers the energy once again with their vibrant

WE THE SAVAGES are currently two of the industry’s most talented artists who share the same passion and vibe. Collectively, these two Swiss producers have released yet another monstrous track, this time, in the form of “Indiass”. Hailing from Bellinzona, WE THE SAVAGES ensure that their productions are not only top-notch, but also worthy of any festival or club environment across