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The first company to ever release a digital mixer is, unsurprisingly, still leading innovation in that particular category. Yamaha, who have been very busy as of late, have announced the compact DM3 series of digital mixers, a pair of compact devices that aren't in the slightest bit limited by their small size.   The mixers, known as the DM3-D and DM3S, are

In just a couple of days, thousands of industry leaders will descend on Anaheim, California for the biggest annual showcase in music tech. Almost all of the most notable brands will be presenting their latest advancements and developments, but one well-known company in particular seems set to make the biggest splash of all- Yamaha will announce a variety of products

This DJ/Producer, musician, and singer appeared as Porter Robinson at 18 through Skillex's label Owsla. His debut EP called Spitfire conquered the world mainly with the track 'Language'. These hard-hitting beats were typical for the artist but until now, he moved onto a more musical and experimental approach when writing songs. His new album 'Nurture' is an excellent example of