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French producer Yann Sella made his arrival within the electronic dance scene back in 2018 with his debut single ‘Turning Circles.’ Looking to provide yet another masterpiece, Sella has this time round combined his talents with singer/songwriter Jenny for their latest single ‘Fire & Gold.’ With Sella’s production palette constantly evolving, the Lyon-based DJ is making his presence felt one

French producer Yann Sella made his arrival in 2018 with debut single 'Turning Circles'. Combining his talents with UK artist Manchester Rain, the two parties colluded in a complete masterpiece. Shortly thereafter, the artists kept their momentum going as their careers would expand in ways they never saw coming. Amassing incredible feedback, Subdust Music hosted a remix competition in hopes

Young French producer Yann Sella has brought us a new 3-tune EP entitled 'Existence'. Released via The UK's Subdust Music, the lead single off the EP 'Turning Circles' has made an impact around the globe, receiving radio play across several countries including the UK, Germany and the US.  The ambient production quality throughout the whole of the EP certainly puts listeners in a calming state of mind. The first