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Teamworx discuss collab with Nicky Romero & show at Europe’s breathtaking club Ministry of Fun

Being one of the electronic music industry’s most exciting duos around right now, Teamworx are building a massive career full of excitement, popularity and nothing but feel-good tracks. With Nicky Romero being a frequent collaborator, the Israel-based duo are the faces of current rising talent within the house scene. Armed with passion and hunger to bring their signature unique sound to the masses, it certainly seems as though Teamworx are reaching their goals. We Rave You caught up with Teamworx to see what they’ve been up to, and discuss their latest Nicky Romero collaboration ‘World Through Your Eyes‘ and much more.


Congratulations! Your 4th collaboration with Nicky Romero, ‘World Through Your Eyes’ was the opening track of Tomorrowland: Around The World 2021 Aftermovie. What was your reaction when you found out?

We were super excited! A year and a half we worked in the studio on new music. There weren’t any live shows or festivals so people could hear our new songs being played, so it was really a magical moment to see the Tomorrowland Aftermovie and hear our new music being played.


How did ‘World Through Your Eyes’ come about? Give us the story and background behind it!

The track was written between 2020 to 2021 in Saar’s house, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Saar wrote an idea for a melody and then sent it to me (Ben) and we bounced ideas between us until we felt we have something interesting enough, then we sent it to Nicky (Romero). Together with Nicky and the Protocol team we reach Joseph Feinstein and his writer, that did a great job. It took us 6 months to finish and endless mix & masters until we reached the moment we felt satisfied with the project.


We also wanted to find out how the pandemic had affected their creativity as artists, in a world where touring the world and playing new music to crowds was not possible.

On a different subject, looking at the whole Covid-19 situation and its impacts, how did the Covid-19 situation affect you as artists? Did quarantine encourage or damage your creativity?

In the begging of the quarantine era, around March 2020 when the first lockdown in Israel was initiated, we were pretty shocked and concerned for the future. We couldn’t keep in our daily routine. We tried to create a plan, for the upcoming period of time, according to the situation all over the world, to see where we’re going from here and how we keep moving forward. Only a few months later, around June, we finished creating separated studios in each of our homes, with the right gear. We produced ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Mucho Bien’ remix 100% in our homes during lockdowns. The lockdowns and all the COVID situation really delayed us but didn’t stopped us. 


In happier news, Teamworx finally was able to get a taste of playing shows again, at a specially renowned club.


Recently you’ve played at the renowned Slovakian club Ministry of Fun. How did the show go?

Ministry of Fun club is definitely one of the best clubs we played at, including the aspects of sound and gear. It was heartwarming to get back to playing live after 18 months. We played tons of ID’s and it certainly opened our appetite for more. We’re looking forward to coming back there! including the hotel ;). The city where the club is set is such a beautiful area, very serene.

Image Credit: Ministry of Fun


Topping the last question, how did you prepare for such set after being away from touring for so long?

To prepare a set for a live show is always a complicated task. The artist has a lot of thoughts and things to take under consideration. How to touch the crowd, timing of tracks, playing worldwide hits and in which style. It’s a task that after 18 months without live shows became more complicated, because we don’t know to which crowd to expect. But now in retrospect, after the performance, we feel we did a really good job and we’re super happy with our set, but also we’re always aiming to perfection and getting better. 


Fans will know that Teamworx have a dynamic musical range, with their releases spanning multiple genres and we wanted to dive deeper into this.


You’ve changed a little with your musical direction, looking at your major releases such as ‘Bump N’ Roll’, ‘Deep Dark Jungle’, which were more festival-ready records to ‘7 Days’, ‘Actions’ and even ‘World Through Your Eyes’ which are more vocal and radio-friendly. Will you go more towards that direction in your coming releases or are you experimenting with new sounds?

During the COVID pandemic we understood that music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. , became a central factor in the music scene, following the lockdowns that force all the clubs and festivals to close. Those music streaming services became the main stage of the world, and that’s why we shifted our music to be more radio (or streaming) friendly. To keep working on being relevant was super challenging, cause in our DNA we’re still the guys that make festival bangers.


Speaking of different styles in your tracks, how do you produce such different sounding tracks while maintaining your signature sound?

That’s the million-dollar question. In the base of our producing flow we’re looking to love what we create. Our music taste is our common ground and we always trying to catch what is the things we should take from our previous releases and when to create something new. Generally, we always try to break our glass ceiling and enjoy the challenge. Also, we do the mix ourselves so finally color of the track is the same as before.


What advice would you give to producers looking to follow in your steps?

The most important things are determination. Perseverance and knowledge. Don’t aim for followers, money or the best equipment. All of those will come at the right time & place. Don’t stop learning and don’t be afraid to take some time off to make the right decisions. A good environment of producers and music scene people could also help you. Try on them your music and make sure they’re feeling honest with you, there’s nothing like constructive criticism. Always look for what isn’t working until you feel in your gut that that’s it. Don’t compromise! 


Image Credit: Teamworx


We’re certainly interested to see what the duo have next in store for fans, and it seems like they’re always busy cooking up exciting projects and further refining their careers to keep the music industry on the edge of its seat.


What’s next for Teamworx? Any hints on future collaborations or singles? Interesting activities you’re cooking up?

We currently have 10 tracks to finish. We believe that you already know we’re people who talk less and do more. We are looking forward to releasing some new music in the upcoming months, some club track and some more streaming friendly 😉


Image Credit: Guy Sidi / Eclipse Media

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