2022 Year End VST Plugin Deals & Holiday Sales

2022 Year End VST Plugin Deals & Holiday Sales

The month of November witnessed a large number of plugin manufacturers offering their top plugins on sale as a part of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In case you missed the deals during that time period, Christmas 2022 & end of year sales are now live providing you one more chance to grab a plugin of your choice at a much lower price than usual. Plugins of companies like Fabfilter, Xfer might not be on sale this holiday season however there are some great alternatives to their plugins that you can grab at a decent price. In an attempt to reduce the amount of surfing you have to do this holiday season, we have done the hard work for you and curated a list of the best year-end VST plugin deals & holiday sales going on at the moment.


2022 Year-End VST Plugin Deals & Holiday Sales


1. Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Sale 

Scaler 2 is a motivating and powerful music theory workstation that opens up a world of new ideas, expressions, and melodies. In this exclusive Holiday sale, you can save 33%!



2. Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle – 40% off

The plugin bundle consists of all Soundtoys effect plugins including award-winning plugins like EchoBoy, Little AlterBoy, Decapitator, etc. The individual plugins are on sale as well. Check out all the deals down below.



3. XLN Audio Addictive Drums 

You can save up to 50% on all of the acclaimed XLN Audio Addictive Drums collections and ADpaks.



4. Wavesfactory Trakcspacer Sale

A lot more powerful and transparent than a sidechain compressor. Trackspacer adds space to a mix by carving the frequencies required by the main track into another track in real-time. Currently available for a 50% discount and buy now for only €29 / $29!



5. Sugar Bytes Looperator Sale

Looperator is ideal for complex filter effects, tempo-synchronized delays, DJ-style tape stops, stutter effects, and slice-based beat manipulation. There’s a 40% discount till January 07.



6. Native Instruments Studio Box Sale

Simply play when inspiration strikes. The Play Series instruments provide exceptional sound quality in a user-friendly package. Each has a distinct sound and character and a wide range of carefully crafted presets and focused controls for modifying them. In our exclusive sale, you can save up to 66% off this wonderful collection for Christmas and New Year’s!



7. Sonnox Oxford Inflator Sale

Oxford Inflator is a one-of-a-kind and powerful plugin for increasing loudness without sacrificing sonic quality or dynamic range. Add power and presence to your mix without the pumping of compression, or use on individual channels to bring them forward and add weight.



8. iZotope VocalSynth 2 Sale

VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and evolves with your individual style, allowing you to explore a world of vocal possibilities. Currently available for 75% off.



9. Softube Transient Shaper Sale

Transient Shaper goes beyond standard shaping by allowing the user to affect only the treble or bass portion of the Sustain and Punch while leaving the rest untouched, allowing for new possibilities.



10. Solid State Logic SSL X Delay Sale

Inspired by legendary hardware processors from the 1980s era of big delays, huge vocals, and blazing guitar tracks, SSL’s X-Delay is ideal for cavernous FX, up-front doubling, and vast stereo soundscapes.



11. Solid State Logic SSL X Saturator Sale

The secret weapon of a mix engineer is saturation. Add a little to a vocal and it jumps out of the mix. Sprinkle some on a snare and it becomes crackly and alive. SSL’s X-Saturator accomplishes all of this and more.



12. Cableguys Shaperbox 3

ShaperBox 3 is the go-to plugin for inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic, with powerful upgrades like Audio Triggering, Sidechain View in VolumeShaper, and the new LiquidShaper flanger/phaser.



13. Mastering The Mix Holiday Sale

This holiday season, save up to 50% on a variety of expert mixing and mastering plugins from Mastering The Mix, including the brand-new LIMITER mastering plugin!



14. Softube End-of-Year Sale

Enjoy massive savings on essential Softube products such as Tube-Tech Compressors, Monument Bass, Modular and add-ons, upgrades, and much more as another year ends!



15. iZotope Music Production Suite 5 Holiday Sale

Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition includes the brand new Ozone 10 Advanced mastering suite and RX 10 Standard restoration suite, as well as the Neutron 4 mixing suite, immersive reverbs Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio, and six new effects plug-ins from Brainworx, iZotope’s partner.



16. iZotope Neoverb Holiday Sale

The most intelligent reverb plug-in for music producers is iZotope Neoverb. Leave trial and error at the door and create distinct spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds, without muddying the mix.



17. Eventide Holiday Sale

During this Holiday sale, you can save up to 85% on Eventide’s groundbreaking and award-winning plugins. Blackhole, H910, Tverb, and many more! All Newfangled Audio plugins are also 50% off!



18. Output Holiday Sale

This holiday season, enjoy huge savings on the entire range of Output plugins, instruments, and expansions, with prices starting at £18.95 / $22 and 35% off!


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