203 Matrix

203 looking to release “next-gen” Matrix MIDI controller

Looking to make an impact in the music production and MIDI controller lane, 203 has announced it will be releasing its own “next-gen” MIDI controller to assist producers with beat production and music creation.  A crowdsourced endeavor, the Matrix appears to be set to deliver to homes and studios sometime in May of 2023.

Featuring a clean 64-pad RGB backlit layout, both the 203 Matrix and Matrix Pro are designed to be lighter and more conducive to workflow and creation than other MIDI controllers on the market.  The standard edition is slightly less intuitive as it does not feature velocity-sensitive pads and offers a simple green bottom cover.  Comparatively, the Matrix Pro model does feature velocity-sensitive pads, as well as a translucent bottom cover, grey silicon pads, and an additional 32 RGB underflow LEDS.  From a visual standpoint, 203 declares that this will be one of the brightest MIDI pads on the market while simultaneously being lighter and thinner than the competition.

As for the workflow and digital aspect of the device, it features open-source software allowing for the ability to customize the Matrix to fit the needs of the studio or home space where it will be utilized.  For ease of use, the Visual Mode of the controller is natively compatible with both Ableton Live and Unipad as well as Amethyst Player, the 203 designer app that was created specifically for the controller.  Beyond music creation, the controller can be mapped however the user wishes, allowing it to function as a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad outlet, all while connecting via USB-C, Bluetooth MIDI, and WI-FI.

This exciting new device is available now for preorder through the 203 Kickstarter; the standard model goes for $99 while the Matrix Pro starts at $169. It is an exciting and fun new production tool, as evidenced by the recreation of Shelter in the performance video below.

Image credit: 203 Matrix/ Press Photo

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