Best Ableton Effect Racks

5 Best Ableton Effect Racks To Spice Up Your Music Production in 2022

One of the best parts about Ableton is the ability to set up Effect Racks. It is one of the most unique features of the software, setting it apart from other DAWs like FL Studio and Logic. As defined in the Ableton 10 manual, an effect rack is a tool that brings together your favorite effects and streamlines your production process. Basically, it combines multiple plugins to create complex audio effects that are controlled with just a few knobs.


While Ableton effect racks can be difficult for beginners to create from scratch, downloading FX racks available across the Internet is one of the best ways to improve your music production. The best Ableton effect racks can create epic buildups, mix and master vocals, create chords progressions, and much more. Take a look at 5 of the top Ableton FX racks below to instantly make your songs more interesting.

5 Best Ableton Effect Racks for 2022:

Production Music Live Vocal Racks

Production Music Live is a great website for essential EDM production tools. They offer a variety of resources such as courses, templates, VST presets, and sample and MIDI packs. Some of their most popular products are the PML Vocal Racks, which apply a variety of different effects made specifically for vocals. PML Vocal Racks include eight separate editing racks that have titles like PML Vocal Verb, PML Vocal Repeat, and PML Vocal Compression. Mixing and mastering vocals can be difficult, and these FX racks will undoubtedly make the process easier. Available for just €7,50, these are some of the best Ableton FX racks to improve your vocal production skills.


Bass Kleph Wash Out

Is there a more iconic Ableton FX Rack than Bass Kleph Washout? The popular plugin by Australia-based artist Bass Kleph has been praised by KSHMR, Chris Lake, NGHTMRE, Tommy Trash, 12th Planet, Cazztek, and many more. Don’t be surprised if you’re watching your favorite DJ’s production stream and they use Bass Kleph Wash Out on the buildups. It effectively “washes out” your track by applying reverbs and delays while pushing sounds out to the background to build tension. It is primarily used to create a stark contrast between your buildup and drop. The Bass Kleph Wash Out download is free and only uses Ableton stock effects. First released in 2014, it is still one of the best effect racks for 2022 and a must-have for all Ableton users.


Deep House and Jazz Chords by Loopmasters

While most effect racks simply apply new qualities to your sound, the Deep House and Jazz Chords set by Loopmasters will help you create a chord progression as well. Two different chord racks are included: the Progressions Rack and the Single Chord Rack. Both can be linked to all MIDI controllers and allow for serious creativity in the studio. These are some of the best Ableton FX racks if you’re looking to improve your chord progressions and increase your music theory knowledge. Mainly used for Deep House and Jazz progressions, these racks can be a useful tool for producers of all music genres. It features adjustable parameters like root note, note velocity, and arpeggios. Available for just $3.71 on Plugin Boutique, this Loopmasters pack is definitely worth a look.


Effect Racks by Puremagnetik

Officially supported by Ableton and available for purchase on their website, Effects Racks by Pure Magnetik is a set of 204 FX racks that will improve your production in endless ways. They are separated into various categories such as Amp Racks, Crush & Destroy, Glitch Racks, and Noise Boxes. Other categories include creative themes like Space Modulators, Time Machines, and Weird Filters. With hundreds of effect options and official support from Ableton, there’s no doubt that Puremagnetik’s Effect Racks are worth the price. They are available for just $49 and will instantly improve your music production. With a wide variety of features at an unbeatable price, Effect Racks by Puremagnetik are some of the best Ableton effect racks in the industry.


Whole Loops Stock Sauce Bundle

Reid Stefan runs one of the most popular YouTube channels for music production and has some high-quality sample packs on his Whole Loops website. Particularly known for their Ableton FX racks, the Stock Sauce Bundle combines some of the best plugins ever released by the company. It features essential FX racks like the Lead Vocal Sauce, Background Sauce, and Master Sauce. The bundle also comes with other unique racks like Henry Fong’s Rave Sauce, Guitar Sauce, and Lo-Fi vocal effects. Available for $79.99 (and currently 50% off), these racks only use Ableton stock plugins and will quickly make a significant impact on your music production.




Image Credits: Stock Sauce Bundle (Whole Loops)