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Get hold of affordable yet high quality plugins & instruments on Audio Assault

Back in 2013, Alex Damián founded Audio Assault with 1 purpose in mind: the creation of high-quality plugins & instruments for an affordable price. This Mexican music production company presents itself with low-cost studio tools suitable for both beginners, intermediate, and professional musicians. Everything from Audio Assault is currently in a Black Friday sale, running up to 80% discounts.


A total of 30 different effects plugins are included in AA’s catalog. Scroll through 2 pages filled with amps, pedals, equalizers, transient designers, reverbs, and cabs, or filter your search by 4 different categories: All products, Amps, Cabs, and Mixing. Spice up your individual tracks, groups, or even your whole mix with different analog exciters and saturators such as the XCTR and Head Crusher. Restore transient information by using Multi Transient, remove unnecessary low-end information with FreakQ 305, and add up to 13 different reverbs with Aural Verb. Combine this whole chain and you’ll end up at Audio Assault’s aIR Impulse Rack. This complete rack includes a parametric EQ and up to 10 production modules.


These plugins take inspiration from Rock/Metal however can be applied while making music of any genre. Once headed over to their website, we would recommend grabbing the free versatile Amps simulator, XCTR multiband saturator, Blacksun, the Amp from Hell called HellBeast (78% OFF), and the reverb emulator, Aural Verb (73% OFF).



Have a look at what Audio Assault can offer you down below:

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Image Credits: Audio Assault

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