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Review: AIAIAI Audio – TMA-2 Studio Headphones
review aiaiai tma 2 studio headphones

Review: AIAIAI Audio – TMA-2 Studio Headphones

Home Uncategorized Review: AIAIAI Audio – TMA-2 Studio Headphones

Having proved itself as a dominant force in the global audio design market over the past 15 years, AIAIAI audio has come a long way since its establishment in 2006. Apart from boasting a worldwide network of professional DJs and producers who collaborate to come up with state-of-the-art equipment, the company is based on responsible design philosophy, along with a heritage in Scandinavian design that adds to the overall durability of its products.


After using their critically acclaimed TMA-2 Studio Headphones for a couple of weeks, here’s our in-depth take on the product –

Overview – 

The TMA-2 headphones were designed with modularity as one of the keen objectives, which is the ability to upgrade as technology or needs evolve. Henceforth, the product offers 3 different categories, namely Studio, DJ, and Wireless, where each of them tackles different aspects of audio design to provide a seamless experience. We tried out the Studio version of the TMA-2 Headphones that claims to be enriched with highly detailed audio feedback.


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Build & Package Contents –

AIAIAI Audio has paid a lot of attention to the listener’s personal preferences while designing this product, which is evident from the fact that each and every component of the headphones are placed separately within the main packaging structure. Our variation of this product was packed with the following items, where each of them arrives in their own bags made of 100% recyclable plastic.

  • S05MKII · Detailed sound – Bio-diaphragm – The highly aesthetic main diaphragm that is light-weight, durable, and one of the most compact ones amongst its competitors.


  • H04 · High comfort – Microfiber – The extra comfortable headband with perfect amounts of foams and padding, making it suitable for extended studio sessions.


  • E08 · Over ear – Alcantara® – Super soft cushions reinforced with Alcantara, a CO2 neutral material that adds to the overall alleviation for long hearing sessions.


  • C02 · Coiled – 1.5m – Adapter – Black thermoplastic 3.5mm-6.5mm cable that can be extended up to 3.2m in length. Good fit for DJing as well as small studios.


  • A01 · Protective pouch – An extremely handy safeguarding couch designed to prevent scratches.


Features & Quality

  • Apart from being extremely lightweight (195g), the TMA-2 Studio headphones are easily one of the most voguish products out there in the market right now. 
  • Comfort levels have always been a priority for producers which makes it absolutely important for their gear to support long studio sessions. AIAIAI Audio’s signature product comes out on top here again.
  • The intense modular structure of the product makes it easier to repair any damages or replace any faulty parts, as one can purchase separate components directly from the website.
  • Talking about the frequency response, the product performs exceptionally well as far as the low end is concerned, without any distortion or loss of punchiness at higher volumes. The replication of mids is quite decent which allows the product to capture the whole energy and essence of a track. 

Price –

The base version of TMA-2 Studio headphones can be bought for $230 from the AIAIA Audio’s official website. In our opinion, the massive comfort levels, the posh looks combined with solid frequency response, especially in the low and mid-region lift the product quite close to justifying its price.


Final Verdict –

The TMA-2 Headphones can prove to be a good fit for multiple purposes, thanks to their modular design and extensive customizability. The studio variation of the product specializes in the clarity of lows, without compromising too much on the highs and mids. We won’t exactly claim that the product is budget-friendly but its sheer quality completely justifies the pricing aspect.


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Feature Image Credits: AIAIAI


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