air purifier and music

This Air Purifier plays music while it cleans

Vox Aeris ingeniously fuses air purification and music into one device. The battery-powered unit designed by Selene Sarı comprises an air purifier and speaker. Its triple-play design has cleaning, listening, and Vox modes. This forward-thinking product makes purified air accessible while entertaining with melodies.


The genius of Vox Aeris lies in its triple-play design. It has a cleaning mode, a listening mode, and the remarkable Vox mode that purifies the air while playing tunes to keep you entertained – unlike other air purifiers that sit idle.


Existing air purifiers have hefty price tags and use non-recyclable filters. Vox Aeris breaks this mold by making home air purification affordable and eco-friendly. It uses inexpensive, recyclable fabric filters that are highly effective.


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For air purification, Vox Aeris leverages the scientific process of particle agglomeration. Its internal fans create turbulence while its speaker produces low-frequency sounds. This acoustic choreography encourages particles to group together like rolling snowballs. The particles are then trapped in the recyclable, laser-engraved filter.



Image credits: Art of Aero


At home or in the office, Vox Aeris serves as a melodic reminder that breathing clean is essential while entertaining with music. Thanks to its battery-powered design, it can also be used as a portable speaker outdoors.


The façade has both speaker and air purifier functions. A screen on the left displays the surrounding air quality. Buttons in the middle control the purifying and listening modes. A dial on the right provides precise command over the tunes’ tone and volume for an optimal auditory experience.



Image credits: Art of Aero

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