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Apple announces new features for Music coming this Autumn

It has been decades since Apple first unveiled iTunes, its own digital music marketplace and a true innovation that the industry needed at a time when sales of physical CDs were slowing down due to the advent of online file-sharing networks like Napster.  While Apple has moved on from the iTunes title, the current edition of that revolutionary design, Apple Music, will be getting some new features later this year.

As revealed in the most recent Apple Keynote address, the popular consumer tech brand shared some of their upcoming offerings, including redesigned AirPods and their first VR device, Apple Vision.  Although the new headset certainly garnered the majority of the headlines following the event, it was revealed that iPhone users will soon have access to iOS 17 which will provide plenty of updates and new features for the smartphone.  One of the key applications getting some updates will be the Apple Music app, which will offer some new functions to help keep up with competitors in the streaming music market such as Spotify and Tidal.

While no official date for the upgrade has been announced, users should expect access to the new features this Autumn, that will enhance the user experience.  First off, collaborative playlists will allow family and friends to create music playlists and even add emoji reactions to song choices.  The updated Music app will also allow for a video segment with its sing feature, providing users with fun filters as they film their own performances.  For the music fan who wants to know all about the track, the song details will be further updated to include more detailed information regarding the roles and instruments played.  SharePlay will encourage more collaboration when on car rides, allowing other users in the car to connect and control the music from their own phones.  Lastly, Apple is looking to improve the radio show experience by offering commercial-free shows in the Podcast section.

“Apple’s services enrich millions of users’ lives every day, so we constantly strive to deliver the best experience possible,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services. “Not only do we want to make services more powerful for users, we also want to make them more fun. And I think the teams have done an incredible job with the lineup of new features we’re delivering this fall, from Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music, to offline maps in Apple Maps, to new experiences in Apple Podcasts.”

Be sure to stay tuned to Apple to find out when all these exciting new features will be released.

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