Arturia Geand Piano

Arturia introduces new Augmented Grand Piano plugin

Arturia has returned with a new Augmented Grand Piano VST plugin as well as offering creators a special introductory price and bundle to help bolster their creative tool kits at home.  The new plugin is incredibly powerful, full of high quality sounds as well as limitless controls to shape and manipulate the sound for new and exciting creations.

With a solid history of creating high-quality software and external hardware, Arturia ensures that users have access to great products while offering many of them at prices that make them accessible for producers of all levels.  The new Augmented Grand Piano was revealed on a big day for the company where they also announced their MiniLab 3, MiniFuse 4, and MiniFreak synth, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing a variety of tools for music production.  With the Augmented Grand Piano, Arturia is providing creators with a plugin that, “delivers a multitude of expressive, contemporary, and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded, fused with cutting-edge synthesis, and tailor-made for modern composers & producers.”  While the plugin comes loaded with a large library of beautifully sounding pianos and keyboards that are ready-made to be inserted into any session, the controls allow for the endless ability to manipulate the sound, altering any parameter to help evolve and build something new and exciting.   With simple control features, shaping the sound couldn’t be easier.  The Transformative Morphing function makes for an easy transition between timbres and makes broad changes between sound layers with ease.  While the Morph function, as well as FX, Delay, Reverb, Color, Time and Motion, all can be manipulated through simple knobs, the plugin does allow creators to go deeper, with access to filters and other macro controls, plus the ability to add complex modulation for complete control over parameters.

The powerful Augmented Grand Piano is available now for just $99 as well is offered in a bundle with the Augmented Strings and Augmented Voices bundle for just $199 for a limited time.



Image Credit: Arturia