Infinite distortion with Arturia Dist COLDFIRE

French digital and analog audio company Arturia is at the top when it comes to analog synth emulation and providing great-sounding and highly versatile mixing plugins. To achieve this quality, Arturia is keen to module every product as accurately as possible, leading to their reputation for putting a modern twist on old-school plugins- Dist COLDFIRE, an infinite distortion plugin delivering many unique features, great algorithms, and a stunning display, is no exception.


Looking at the plugin itself, you see the 4 sections that it is made up of. On both sides you have the Pre-Filter A & B, where producers can select the distortion algorithm, input, output and mix the distortion with a Dry/wet filter. The slope button in the Filter section will determine the distortion slope so each channel gets more precise control over every sound. In the middle, producers can shape the overall sound with additional Dry/wet filters and Input/output gain knobs as well as feedback and Multiband sections. This is a key element of COLDFIRE, making it perfect for producers who prefer a single plugin that can do the work of several. In addition, the most interesting section is the modulation bar at the bottom of the plugin. It combines 6 individual modulation effects with a 16-step sequencer to give you not just your normal distortion device, but one that creates an immensely fascinating and deep sound.


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Aside from the display, Arturia Dist COLDFIRE delivers a high amount of analog (Tape, Tube, Transistor, Transformer, Germanium, and Force) and digital (Rectifier, BitCrush, BitInverter, Wavefolder, and Waveshaper) distortion algorithms which can be applied to the Pre-Filters. As expected, producers can simultaneously apply both analog and digital distortion algorithms to achieve either an old-school sound and style or a modern and quite subtle distortion. To go one step ahead, Arturia made 150 custom presets for producers who don’t yet feel as comfortable with this plugin or for pro users to play around with. Either way, inspiration abounds.


This Arturias Dist COLDFIRE is a genius plugin and is completely TAE (True Analog Emulation) approved. It’s now available for €99 on the Arturia website, or wherever you get your plugins.



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Image credits: Arturia