Arturia Farfisa V review

Review: Arturia Farfisa V

“When a Man Loves a Woman”; “Crocodile Rock”; “I Feel Love”- These are just a few of the famous tracks to feature a Farfisa, a brand of Italian organs produced by the company of the same name. Formerly a manufacturer of accordions, they began making their signature instruments in 1964- which then proceeded to permeate into just about every form of popular music since. With its coveted bright and warbly sound, a working Farfisa commands about $3,000 nowadays- luckily for us, there’s the Arturia Farfisa V.


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A digital reconstruction of the particularly popular Farfisa Compact Deluxe, Farfisa V comes equipped with additive synthesis capability, allowing you to choose from 48 additive harmonics. The bass section has its own adjustable cutoff and resonance and selectable synth waves; an adjustable attack-release envelope, filter brightness knob, fine-tuning, assorted reverb presets, and a programmable knee bend button round out an impressive list of features on top of the Farfisa’s original functions.


Arturia has also opted to include five digital “pedals”– flanger, overdrive, chorus, analog delay, and phaser. Behaving like some of their famous real-life counterparts (the overdrive resembles an Ibanez TS-808, as guitar players will surely recognize), they allow you to color the sound of your instrument very effectively without so much as leaving the window. Whether you’re trying to closely replicate the tone and feel of an original Farfisa or build a unique sound from scratch, there are plenty of options to find whatever your heart desires within this little organ.



Arturia Farfisa V is available for the price of $149. You also get the chance to use a free demo to try it out before the purchase. For $599, you can also get it as part of the larger Arturia V Collection, a selection of 28 software recreations of some of the most famous and lauded synthesizers of all time. Watch the video below to get a feel for some of the sounds this beauty can produce!




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Image Credits: Arturia