Arturia Filter MS-20

Arturia Filter MS-20: A gift to all producers

Didn’t get what you wanted this holiday season? Don’t fret! Our friends at Arturia have got just the thing for you. Their latest plugin, a gorgeous and fun new filter based on the aggressive sound of a fabled 70s synth, is available for free for a limited time. Arturia Filter MS-20, with its exceptional ability to expand and color any sound you choose, is one of the best gifts you’ll get this year.


Built with the character of the game-changing Korg MS-20 in mind, the similarly named plugin lets you go from subtle warmth to commanding crunch in one of Arturia’s trademark simple-yet-deep interfaces. An emulated stereo analog filter/distortion effect, the MS-20 can be everything from a distortion pedal to an auto-wah, and everything in between. Modulate the LPF with the unit’s randomized step-sequencer; resonate the HPF to create huge low-end. You can even tweak the stereo parameter to make phaser-like effects or generate drum sounds by putting noise on the input. As the company notes, the MS-20 is known for its use in French house, industrial, and techno, but it is such a creative- and frankly, fun- plugin that you shouldn’t have trouble applying it to any kind of music.


The Arturia Filter MS-20 is available at no charge through January 2nd, 2023- the price will then become €99, so be sure to get your copy through the official Arturia website here before then to avoid having to pay.

Watch the video below to get a thorough tutorial straight from Arturia!

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Image credit: Arturia (Press)