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Arturia release LX-24 Reverb

Arturia has recently launched a new product, the LX-24 Reverb, which has created quite a buzz in the industry. This new reverb is a powerful tool that can add depth and character to any sound, making it an essential addition to any producer’s toolkit.


The Arturia Launch LX-24 Reverb is a high-quality reverb plugin that is designed to emulate the legendary Lexicon 224L digital reverb unit. The original Lexicon 224L was first released in 1978 and quickly became a staple in many studios due to its advanced algorithms and pristine sound quality. The Arturia Launch LX-24 Reverb brings the same sound quality and algorithms to the digital realm, allowing producers to add the classic Lexicon sound to their productions with ease.


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One of the standout features of the Arturia Launch LX-24 Reverb is its stunning visual interface. The plugin has a clean and intuitive -design, with a large graphical display that makes it easy to adjust the various parameters. The interface also includes a range of presets, allowing producers to quickly dial in the perfect reverb sound without having to spend hours tweaking settings.


The Arturia Launch LX-24 Reverb includes a range of advanced features that give producers complete control over the reverb sound. You can switch between the Classic & Advanced views. The list of features includes:

  1. Classic Reverb Emulation: The plugin emulates the classic Lexicon 224 digital reverb that was used in many famous recordings.
  2. Advanced Sound-Shaping Controls: The plugin offers a range of advanced sound-shaping controls including pre-delay, decay, high-frequency damping, bass offset, crossover, and distance.
  3. Versatile Preset Management: The plugin comes with over 100 presets and offers a versatile preset management system for easy browsing and organization. 
  4. Integrated EQ and Compression: The plugin also features an integrated EQ and compression module that allows for further sound shaping and processing.


The plugin has a range of different reverb algorithms to choose from, including Hall, Plate, Room, and Chamber. Each algorithm has its own unique sound, allowing producers to find the perfect reverb sound for their particular track. The Hall algorithm is perfect for adding a spacious and ambient sound, while the Plate algorithm is ideal for adding a shimmering and bright reverb. The Room and Chamber algorithms are great for adding a more natural and organic reverb sound.


In conclusion, the Arturia Launch LX 24 Reverb is an essential tool for any producer or musician looking to add high-quality reverb to their productions. The plugin’s advanced features, stunning visual interface, and range of algorithms make it an excellent addition to any producer’s toolkit. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle reverb effect or a large and ambient sound, the Arturia Launch LX 24 Reverb has everything you need to take your productions to the next level.


Another plugin that emulates the classic Lexicon 224 reverb is the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb by UAD. Check it out here.



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