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arturia pigments 3

Arturia release latest version of its synth plugin Pigments

Arturia has been designing and manufacturing electronic musical instruments, as well as emulating the best synthesizers ever made. They have just released the new Arturia “Pigments 3” following some huge success with their existing Pigments series. The softsynth works as a standalone app so you can use it to play live with a keyboard controller, or a plugin in your DAW.  Pigments uses virtual analog and wavetable synthesis and has filters, modulation, sequencing, arpeggiation, and effects, all of which are capable of giving you many shades of synthesis


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Arturia released Pigments 2, which included  MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), and sample-based and granular synthesis. And with the massive update, Pigments 3 comes in with 4 main engines. One of the main changes is the new additive “harmonic oscillator” engine, which can give you textured sounds like plastic, bells, and resonant or experimental sounds. With the “wavetable engine,” you can morph and get evolving, animated, and really nice distorted sounds. The “virtual analog” engine is an emulation of analog synthesizing technology. A great way of getting new sounds is by using the “sample & granular” engine, drop your samples, and chop them into time-sliced grains. If all this is not enough, they have added the new “utility engine” that can be used as a supplementary engine, it has two noise sources plus a virtual analog oscillator.


The best part of Pigments, is that you can assign knobs and parameters to get some modulation going, and with some randomization, it feels very much like a software modular synthesizer, and with the newly released Pigments 3, they add so much that you can get lost and enjoy experimenting with every knob and variation.

Some new extra additions to Arturia’s Pigments 3:

  • 64 new wavetables
  • 4 x new FX 
  • Jup-8 V’s filter
  • Enhanced filter & FX routing
  • New in-app tutorials
  • 200 new preset sounds


Check out Pigments 3 in action down below: 


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Image credits: Arturia

Yaniv Markowitch also known as "Marcovits" is a Progressive House & Techno producer born in Guatemala, now living in Israel has been featured in labels such as Cinematique, Traum Schallplatten, Mercurial Tones, Uzons Records, and soon ICONYC.

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