Arturia PolyBrute Noir

Arturia release limited edition of PolyBrute Noir synthesizer

While having an elite synthesizer doesn’t guarantee success in the music industry, it certainly is a desired tool of any producer and songwriter looking to shape their sound and hone their own style.  Arturia understands the needs of artists and producers and has made a name for themselves delivering high quality equipment and tools for music creation.

Those familiar with Arturia will know that their PolyBrute analog synthesizer is one of the most comprehensive and powerful pieces of equipment on the market today.  The power and control behind the PolyBrute synthesizer lies in its 6-voice analog palette and ability to seamlessly morph them across multiple modulation parameters to create unique sounds.  The functional display and endless possibilities make it a piece of hardware that can truly redefine a production process, justifying the $3110 price tag that it comes with.

Now Arturia is taking the PolyBrute one step further and releasing a limited Noir edition of the iconic synthesizer.  The new Noir edition features a sleek, all black finish as well as updated controls and modulation knobs, making it both visually and sonically more advanced than its predecessor. The updated model of the PolyBrute contains the advanced morphing features of the original, as well as a brand new ribbon controller situation above the keyboard, plus a 64-step polyphonic sequencer to help bring ideas to life.

Like the original, the PolyBrute Noir sells for $3110, making it a desirable alternative for those who appreciate the sleek black finish and updated controls.  In the land of analog synthesizers, this machine certainly stands out for its power and creative options available with the touch of every button, pad, and switch included within the design.

Check out the full video preview of the PolyBrute Noir below and visit the Arturia website for more information on the synthesizer as well as all of their products.

Image credit: Arturia

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