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Audeze releases MM-100 Professional Headphones

For serious producers and musicians, there is no “one size fits all” for the proper headphones, especially when it comes to doing studio and production work, a situation of which Audeze is well aware.  With the growing number of home and laptop studio setups, more and more music is being produced on headphones instead of in large studios or through proper monitors.

Now the California-based headphone manufacturer is looking to further push the boundaries of quality and accurate sound provided through its own line of high-end headphones.  This new offering, the MM-100 Professional Headphone comes on the heels of the company’s latest reveal at NAMM, showcasing a collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer, Manny Marroquin, of the MM-500 series headphones, a product that sells for $1,699.00.  With the MM-100, Audeze is able to offer a high-quality product at a much more reasonable price point of just $399.00, a much more attractive offering to new and upcoming producers looking to upgrade their equipment.

Featuring the same technology that has helped previous models such as the LCD-5 line become iconic, the MM-100 offers the same patented waveguides, magnet arrays, and diaphragms that have elevated Audeze products for years.  The design is intended to remove “the room” and allow for a pristine signal to reach the listener’s ears, helping ensure cleaner mixes and production work along the way.  While the internal design is crucial for accurate sound, the physical elements of the headphones have been given equal care.  Featuring gel-filled leather ear pads, the lightweight design is comfortable for hours on end while the single-sided cable can be connected to either earpiece, ensuring smooth workflow no matter what instrument or obstacle may arise during use.  The MM-100 also comes with a 6.35mm to 3.5mm cable adapter to ensure connectivity in any scenario and then can fold flat into the soft travel bag when it’s time to hit the road.


Check out the Audeze MM-100 Professional Headphones today!

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