Audient EVO 16

Audient EVO 16: Behemoth of an Audio Interface

Hampshire-based Audient is one of the biggest players in the studio hardware space, and they’ve gone and made an audio interface that’s just as massive as they are. The extraordinary Audient EVO 16 is here, and you have to see it.


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Let’s get this out of the way first- the EVO 16 is huge. It features eight of high-quality mic preamps, two JFET instrument inputs, two independent headphone outputs, eight line outputs, two optical inputs, and two optical outputs, allowing for a maximum channel count of 24-in, 24-out. You will be able to record entire bands at once if you so desire.


evo 16 rear

image credits: Evo audio


Putting the unprecedented level of connectivity aside, the device still has everything you need and then some. The EVO series’ signature Smartgain technology comes included, suitably beefed up for the 16: you can set the gain for all eight native channels at the press of a button, giving you the optimal sound for each one in less than 20 seconds. The preamps provide 58 dB gain for all mic inputs and offer an extremely less distorted and noise-free signal. Evo 16 also provides 121dB of dynamic range allowing users to take mixing and creative decisions more confidently.


That’s not all- Audient’s sophisticated Motion UI is a full-color LCD display, showing you everything that happens, as it happens. Monitor your channel status, and metering, and scroll through the device’s features, all in the same place. Program the customizable F button to perform any of the 16’s functions; take advantage of the intuitive digital mixer to make adjustments quickly and painlessly. EVO 16 can even be rack-mounted! Clearly, Audient thought about almost everything.


evo audient img

image credits: Evo Audio

Audient also provides some interesting features dedicated to content creators and podcasters such as Audio Loopback. Using this feature you can record game audio, mic inputs, desktop audio, and meeting audio seamlessly and all at the same time.



The Audient EVO 16 audio interface is available from a variety of dealers around the world- click here to find the best option for you. The price varies, but we’ll list the going rate from some of the best music marketplaces below:

Watch the video below to see the EVO 16 in action!



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Image credit: Audient (Press)