Audius introduces TikTok sign-up and verification importing

Decentralized music streaming service Audius has been differentiating themselves from the competition since they burst onto the scene a few years  ago. Now, they’re introducing a couple of handy new features based around a fellow music industry trendsetter: TikTok.


For those who aren’t familiar, Audius is a web3 streaming platform supported by such big names as deadmau5, Katy Perry, Steve Aoki, and Rezz, to name a few. Powered by the $AUDIO crypto token, the service’s mission is to help artists share their music and other content without the need for signing a record deal. Now, new Audius users can join using their existing TikTok accounts, and those that are verified on the video-sharing app will immediately be verified on the streaming platform as well. Apart from making it easier to sign up, this connection will also let anyone who links accounts between the two share their music directly to TikTok with a special branded tile.


As company CPO and co-founder Forrest Browning puts it,


“We’re always excited to expand upon the ways our users can access our platform, and in turn, other compatible applications. By allowing users to complete their profiles with TikTok, we’re able to bring more of Audius’ great music to TikTok’s world-class platform.”


Musicians looking at Audius now have yet another reason to take advantage of the service’s unique benefits.


Image credit: Audius (Press)

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