Avid Pro Tools 2023.3

Avid releases Pro Tools 2023.3

The newly launched Pro Tools 2023.3 update will officially offer support for users operating natively on Apple silicon processors as well as other exciting new features.

With the latest update, the support for Apple silicon processors is a huge deal for many producers and creators, as the company has been shifting production to the new hardware over the last three years.  Any user of music creation software will immediately discuss the apprehension of updating operating systems and hardware for fear of essential plug-ins and other tools no longer working due to a lack of updates.  This step by Avid ensures that Pro Tools users have access to resources and software that will continue to perform at the highest levels, even when purchasing newer technology.

Beyond the enhanced support, Pro Tools 2023.3 has also created a great workaround for third-party plug-ins that may not yet be supported on Apple silicon processors.  While Pro Tools will open in the new Native mode as default, users will easily be able to toggle to the Rosetta mode to ensure access to all production tools.  As developers continue to make the necessary updates to their own releases, the new Native mode will drastically reduce CPU usage making for a more efficient workflow.

Developers also created an updated and comprehensive new Elastic Audio function.  With the new update, élastique Pro V3 by zplane.development created a new algorithm to ensure more accuracy for audio stretching, stable timing, inter-channel phase coherence, and updated pitch shifting parameters.  The new Elastic Audio functions will also interact more smoothly with Melodyne ARA to help stretch audio out on a tick-based track.

The last major update is the addition of the brand new Pro Tools | PlayCell Instrument.  This new streamlined sample instrument offers users a wide range of diverse sounds.  The new instrument is meant to help users quickly find sounds and make tweaks as necessary, or even utilize the randomizer to create entirely brand-new samples.  Avid promises that the PlayCell library will continue to grow overtime to help further spurn creativity.

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