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BABY Audio Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on VST Plugins

BABY Audio is a California-based audio & software company, providing professional worldwide-used plugins, behind which stands a team of Europeans. Their products are used every day by dozens of world-class music producers with countless successes on their portfolios, including Tim Palmer – David Bowie, U2, Pearl Jam’s producer & engineer,  Romero / Chaz – grammy-nominated production duo of such stars as Khalid and Tory Lanez, or !llmind – Drake, Ariana Grande, Kanye West’s Grammy awarded producer. Baby Audio focuses on creating more and more inspiring powerful audio tools, which for now include eight plugins: Crystalline, Smooth Operator, IHNY-2, Spaced Out, TAIP, Parallel Aggressor, Super VHS, Comeback Kid, & I Heart NY. On the occasion of this year’s Black Friday, Baby Audio prepared big discounts on all its plugins and bundles.

Best BABY Audio Black Friday 2022 Deals:


1. Baby Audio Complete Bundle$139.00 (from $199.00)

The complete collection of all Baby Audio’s products mentioned in this list – compressors, multi-fx & reverb, delay plugins. Definitely one of our Top Deals for this Black Friday.


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2. Crystalline – $49(from $99.00)

Crystalline is a brand-new, cutting-edge reverb plugin with a clean, modern sound. Provides you with unprecedented creative control over your reflections. Allows you to sync reverb start and decay times to the tempo of your song.



3. Smooth Operator$39.00 (from $69.00)

An intelligent plugin that enhances clarity while removing harsh resonances. Adapts in real time to your audio and automatically combats fatigued frequency areas. A great alternative to Oeksound Soothe 2 and also comes in at an affordable price tag.



4. IHNY-2  – $39.00 (from $69.00)

Designed for a contemporary, extremely aggressive compression sound that gives your tracks more oomph. Hosts parallel signal chain internally for a quick and trouble-free parallel compression workflow. V2 of I Heart NY has been significantly upgraded, now offering surgical control and a slew of new features.




5. Comeback Kid – ($29.00 from $49.00)

Delay plugin with analog flavor, flexible delay engine, three tempo-sync modes, and thirteen characteristic effects like Ping-Pong, Mono, Ducker, Swirl, and Destiny – randomization algorithm.



6. Magic SwitchFREE

Baby Audio’s freebie used in multi-fx Super VHS plugin – a one-click deep, dark and rich tone chorus effect.




7. Super VHS $29.00 (from $49.00)

Super VHS is a creative multi FX made by algorithm capturing the lofi spirit with eight crafted knob effects – from static noise synthesizer, thru sample rate reducer, to pitch fluctuation LFO.



All discounts are available till December 5, 2022 so make sure to grab them before they disappear.


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