Baby Audio Pitch Drift

Baby Audio releases a new free plugin, Pitch Drift

Baby Audio boasts a range of award-winning effects plugins that will color your sound source in multiple different ways. Their catalog includes the famous Crystalline, Spaced Out, IHNY-2, Smooth Operator, TAIP, Super VHS, Comeback Kid, Parallel Aggressor and the free Magic Dice, Magic Switch, and Baby Comeback. Joining this laudable list of free software is a curious and creative new plugin: Pitch Drift.


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Pitch Drift can be seen as a one-knob effects tool that introduces pitch fluctuations to your audio. The fact that acoustic instruments are never 100% in tune and when stacking, creates a rich-sounding mix, made Baby Audio decide to develop this plugin. Digital perfection is a great “tool” when it comes to sound design but too much will cause a life-less sounding mix. By combining acoustic imperfection and digital perfection you will get the most out of your songs. Use Pitch Drift to apply pitch instabilities on any sound and use the slider to decide how much of this effect will be applied. The amount slider ranges from gentle instabilities all the way up to an out-of-tune effect. The large waveform visualizer can be used to set the speed of the fluctuations. When diving a little deeper under the hood, you’ll find the same algorithm of the Drift feature from the Super VHS plugin. This will make sure you’ll get the same natural effect as Baby Audio’s Super VHS. You can use Pitch Drift on individual sounds, busses, groups, and mixes.

This plugin is available for both Windows and Mac in VST, AU, and AAX formats and even for iOS. Head over to the Baby Audio freebies page, enter your email address, and you can download Pitch Drift straight away or head over to the App store to get your copy.

Have a look at the plugin down below:

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Image Credits: BabyAudio


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