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Baby Audio launches new Tape emulation plugin: TAIP

Baby Audio has been creating quite some buzz within the music production industry recently with its immaculate yet affordable set of plugins. For the first time, Baby Audio incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence) into developing their new tape emulation plugin, TAIP.


Instead of trying to copy the circuitry of analog gear, they’ve trained an algorithm that mimics the circuitry for you. While creating the plugin, they used different audio samples, processed and dry, in order to spot the difference. The difference was then used to devise the algorithm. For over a year they’ve perfected its calibration with the aim of achieving the same outcome.


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At first sight, the plugin looks like a futuristic analog tape machine, containing all the essential features you would expect from a tape emulation plugin. The large spinning wheel on the left functions as the drive of the tape effect, ranging from a subtle touch of glue to a serious distortion effect. The large wheel on the right is the output volume of the plugin. Upon applying TAIP to the audio signal you’ll notice that the volume can vary. You can take care of the same using the wheel on the right side to increase or decrease the volume. The little refreshing button in the middle acts as an on/off button for the drive auto-gain. This will match the volume once applying more drive to the sound. Underneath that, you’ll find an overall mix slider. This will give you full control of how much tape effect you want to apply to your incoming signal.


All of the characteristics of analog tape have been separated into several parameters, listed at the bottom of the TAIP plugin. The noise feature, as the name suggests, adds noise to your signal at which the amount of noise will vary constantly. Wear will mimic the malfunction of an old tape machine, causing changes to the pitch and volume of the input. The glue effect will act as a tape compression effect to glue the sounds together. The input can be switched from normal to hot, at which the incoming signal will be slightly distorted. Through 2 model features, single and dual, you can split the tape effect into 2 modules. In dual-mode, the tape effect will be applied to the sound source as a doubling effect. On the right side, you’ll find the presence, hi-shape, and the lo-shape features. The presence feature will enhance the high end of the sound. The lo-shape feature will preserve the low end, where you can distort the low end less or more than the rest of the spectrum. The same goes for the hi-shape feature.


TAIP contains 3 different colors(white, grey & dark), in order to set the right mood. If you want to add a quick tape effect, just scroll through the preset library including 135 custom presets designed by professional producers & mixing/mastering engineers.


TAIP by Baby Audio is currently priced at $39 on an introductory offer. Post the offer period, the price goes back to $69. If you are looking for plugins that can add analog warmth to your sounds, TAIP is definitely a great option to watch out for.



Check out TAIP in action down below:

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Image Credits: Baby Audio



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