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smooth operator baby audio vst

Smooth Operator by Baby Audio is a game changer for improving mixes

Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST plugin, is a dynamic tool that is meant for shaping the tone of your sound. Smooth Operator uses a combination of spectral compression, smart equalization, and resonance suppression to bring out the best of each sound and suppress intelligently harsh frequencies. They claim it is intuitive and will help you perfect your tonal balance and also add some definition and depth to any sound.


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Opening the Smooth Operator, you see the main user interface, it is a frequency spectrum analyzer. In the middle of the interface, there is the “Threshold bar”, anything above it will be affected by the plugin. You can use the nodes to pinpoint the plugin the frequency area you want to reduce or attenuate, and this is the area where the plugin will analyze and pay attention to.


Then you have “Focus”, a knob that will add more frequency bands to the signal that is listening to, so if the knob is in its lower settings, the band will be wider, and if the setting is at its highest point, more specific frequency bands will try to match and reduce resonant frequencies. One of the most interesting ways to use it is by sidechaining it to another sound, as the signal comes into Smooth Operator, it will duck only the frequencies that are in the way of the incoming signal. For example, if you have two sounds in the same frequency range like a Kick and a Bass, this tool will give you a clean sidechain effect. The plugin works wonders when you want to remove resonant or annoying frequencies from your samples without actually losing the tonality. If your production relies heavily on sample usage, then Smooth Operator is a definite game-changer. 



The price for the Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST plugin is $69, but now they have the intro sale so you can get it for $39. 


Yaniv Markowitch also known as "Marcovits" is a Progressive House & Techno producer born in Guatemala, now living in Israel has been featured in labels such as Cinematique, Traum Schallplatten, Mercurial Tones, Uzons Records, and soon ICONYC.

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