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Beat Machine combines arcade games and music-making
Endlesss Beat Machine arcade
Credits: Endlesss (https://discover.endlesss.fm/)

Beat Machine combines arcade games and music-making

Home Uncategorized Beat Machine combines arcade games and music-making

Endlesss is an online media platform that gives you the freedom to create, collaborate, publish, and discover any kind of music. Their software developments are specially built to maintain a fast and creative workflow both on your laptop and phone- we can safely say that they pushed the boundaries through the announcement of their newest asset. We want you to say hello to Beat Machine.


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What kind of result would you expect once combining arcade games together with music? Well, Beat Machine has the answer. This arcade machine holds onto the same appearance and functions you’re used to, but from now on you can create music with it. As the company themselves say, “The Beat Machine puts musical creativity at the centre of any private or public space.” 


The machine features 3 modes:

  • Arcade
    • This mode brings old memories back as it lets you play around with different challenges and mini-games. Expect remix challenges and missions that will put you, as an artist, to the test in a funny way. Select, de-select, combine, and toss elements from famous artists’ songs and create your own piece of music.
  • Open Mic
    • For the performers among us. Simply scan the QR code with your phone, log in, load up your session, and get ready to perform on the spot. This mode is perfect once performing live on the street or on a party and showing everyone your rap or singing skills.
  • Studio
    • Dive into a new environment that sparks creativity and inspiration. This physical experience lets you compose music with the touch of your fingers. You can even use your own digital instruments, effects, and hardware to create music. Import anywhere and everything will be synced straight away. Imogen Heap says: “An insanely fun play medium that whisks you into your flow.”


If we dive a little deeper into the specs of this arcade machine, you’ll see a clear amalgamation of music and games: 24-inch main touchscreen, 5-inch side touchscreen, arcade buttons, arcade joystick, speakers, USB ports, 2x TRS Jack outputs, XY controller, 2x XLR/Jack instrument input, low-latency audio input and output.

You can book a session in order to use the Beat Machine at one of their offices in London, but you can also be the owner of this arcade machine. Choose between 3 different machines: 1/1 Special Edition, 4/4 Beat Machine Off Grid, and the 20/20 Beat Machine. The Off Grid machines are available at a price of $11,999 whereas the other 2 are available for $9,999.


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Have a closer look at the machine itself down below:

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Image Credits: Endlesss 



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